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Welcome to Clara Olivia

Your one stop shop for all your lingerie and swimwear needs. We stock many popular and well known brands with one of our most sought after lines being the Freya collection. The collection consists of Freya swimwear, and Freya bra and knickers sets as well as many other individual items which can be purchased by themselves. Freya lingerie is famous because of the way it fits a woman’s body perfectly while looking amazing, and with new collections available regularly throughout the year you are sure to find the perfect Freya bra and other lingerie and swimwear items for you.

Freya Bras - Freya Bra

You may find it slightly shocking but in a recently reported study it was shown that over eighty per cent of women wear ill fitting bras. This results in discomfort and a lack of support for a woman's bussom. This can leave strap marks over the shoulders, wire marks under the bussom and pain as the bussom is not supported properly. Freya bras are available in many back sizes, cup sizes B – J and also including double sizes of DD, FF, GG and HH so you can be sure to find the perfect Freya bras for you. This all makes choosing the perfect bra size for you even easier. The right Freya bra will allow you to have superb support as well as showing your curves off to their maximum effect. Freya bras are made from only the highest quality materials and are tested on real women to ensure that the product is made to customer demands. With fantastic designs and the hottest styles available on today’s market Freya swimwear and lingerie are made with the modern woman in mind. Clara Olivia can supply you with Freya products at just a fraction of the regular retail price, combine that with our excellent customer service and we are confident that we can provide you with a service that you will recommend to all your friends and family. We look forward to taking your order and seeing you on our website again soon.

Freya Lingerie - Freya Underwear

At Clara Olivia we offer a fantastic wide selection of Freya lingerie for all tastes. Freya is a well known and trusted brand within the UK underwear market. Freya underwear consists of bras and knickers made from the very finest laces and fabrics ensuring high quality and a fit that is second to none. It is astounding that 8 out of 10 women are wearing a bra that does not fit them properly, usually wearing a bra with a back size that is too big and a cup size that is too small. This makes the bra really uncomfortable and also distorts the shape of the bussom. Freya underwear and Freya lingerie is made to be a second skin; with the correct fitting bra you will be comfortable and get great support. As well as Freya lingerie we also supply the gorgeous Freya bikini and Freya tankini. This specialised swimwear is made with real women in mind and is tested by real women to ensure that it meets their demands for style and comfort. They provide excellent support while still looking funky and stylish. With sizes that range for a B cup to J cup and all back sizes, they are suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. All Freya underwear, and every Freya bikini and Freya tankini is made to enhance a woman’s natural assets as well as looking gorgeous. Clara Olivia is very proud to offer such a wide range of fantastic products all made to the highest standards with the best possible quality materials and fabrics. All Freya products are also available a range of colours to suit your natural skin tone and tastes. Whether you are buying Freya underwear as a gift or for yourself we know you will be completely satisfied. We are able to offer great discounts off the regular price of goods. With our competitive pricing and customer support available 365 days a year you can be sure that your shopping experience with us will be one you will remember when you are next looking for lingerie or swimwear.

Freya Bikini - Freya swimwear

Whether you are a sun goddess looking forward to spending a few weeks in paradise or just enjoy spending a Saturday afternoon in the swimming pool or sauna with your friends, Clara Olivia has a fantastic range of Freya swimwear including Freya Bikini and Freya Tankini sets available online. Clara Olivia has a wide range of styles and colours to match your personal taste or skin tone so that you can find exactly what you want and are completely happy with your choice. Individual items available include briefs in high leg, low leg and classic fold, Freya bikinis, halter suits, underwired tops, soda shorts and swim shorts. We also stock matching wraps for some of the Freya bikinis and tankini sets making you look classy around the pool and at any party. With eight in ten women wearing ill fitting bras, it is important to also have swimwear that fits your bussom properly. Ill fitting swimwear can cause the same problems as badly fitting bras: strap marks, changing the shape of the bussom, a lack of support and a painful bussom. We would recommend getting accurate measurements of your bussom, either from a professional or with the help of a friend. We can then stock your exact size of Freya swimwear which is comfortable for your body and makes you look fantastic. So next time you are looking for a Freya Bikini, Freya Tankini or other swimwear look no further than Clara Olivia for the complete range of fantastic swimwear at fantastically low prices.


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Fantasie Bra - Fantasie Bras

Clara Olivia is a specialist in the lingerie and swimwear industry stocking and our range is growing fast all the time. Our commitment to customer service and supplying high quality products means that we are now a leading supplier for many well known branded underwear companies. One of our large suppliers is Fantasie. Fantasie supply a number of products including Fantasie bras and Fantasie swimwear, which are developed by their experts with regards to the body shapes of everyday women. Every Fantasie bra that we sell provides the wearer with effortless and unnoticeable support; they are designed to be comfortable in any conditions. Most bras that women wear tend to be the wrong size, which is why we recommend taking a look at our fitting advice before you purchase your Fantasie bra to find the right size and style for your bussom. An ill fitting bra can result in back ache, strap marks on the shoulders and discomfort in the bussom. We stock Fantasie bras in cup sizes A to J and a range of back sizes making them suitable for women of all shapes and sizes helping you find your perfect fit. We are sure that once you have tried the correct size and fit of bra that a Fantasie bra will become your first choice of supportive underwear and with so many styles and designs available you are sure to find the perfect Fantasie bra for every occasion. They are also available in a range of colours to match your natural skin tones or any outfit so you will never be disappointed. If you are interested in Fantasie swimwear and underwear then just take a look over our pages, there is a huge selection available and all are competitively priced ensuring you get the best possible deal, if you have any questions then use our online customer service support and we will try to get back to you within the hour.

Fantasie Lingerie - Fantasie Underwear

Clara Olivia is very pleased to be able to offer our customers the incredibly famous Fantasie lingerie. Fantasie lingerie and underwear is renowned for being of high quality and offering excellent support to all the women that choose to purchase from this superb collection. As well as producing fantastic underwear, they also provide the Fantasie bikini which in line with the company’s standards offers women of all sizes support and comfort. A Fantasie bikini is the perfect addition to your holiday suitcase, allowing you to look stunning on the beach while keeping your best assets under control. All Fantasie products are made with the everyday women in mind and with the help of real women; they are comfortable for everyday use and are also incredibly stylish from only the best quality materials and laces. A vast range of designs and styles are available within the collection so you can be sure to find the perfect Fantasie underwear that’s ideal for when you are wearing work suits as well as your little black dress. Fantasie underwear is sexy but still controls your curves; there is also a dedicated shape wear line that is perfect for smoothing out lumps and bumps. Here at Clara Olivia we can supply the latest Fantasie lingerie at a fraction of the regular retail price ensuring amazing value for money. Like any underwear it is important to find the right size for your body. Get measured up if possible or ask a friend to help you measure yourself. You can then use our website to find the perfect size for you. Ill fitting bras or swimwear tops can cause a lot of problems including backache, discomfort in the bussom, strap marks, a lack of support for and distorting the shape of the bussom. We understand that getting a correct size can sometimes be difficult so we offer a 14 day exchange/refund policy – as long as the items are unworn and the original labels are intact we will change the item or offer a refund. We pride ourselves on offering great customer service and will do what we can to ensure that you find the perfect product for you.

Fantasie Bikinis - Fantasie Tankini - Fantasie Swimwear

If you are looking for Fantasie bikinis, Fantasie tankini or other Fantasie swimwear then look no further than Clara Olivia! No matter if you are just going swimming, using the sauna or looking forward to a holiday of a lifetime you will want to look sexy while being comfortable. Eight in ten women are however wearing bras and swimwear that do not fit correctly. Not only does this not look good, it's painful, can give you backache as the weight of the bussom is not distributed evenly, distorts the shape of the bussom, and wears bras out quicker as it does not move naturally with your body. Briefs or bottoms which are too big or too small can also look unattractive and be uncomfortable. Have a look at our fitting advice page to find advice on finding the right tops and bottom for you. Fantasie offers their swimwear in cup sizes A to J and a wide range of back sizes. For the many women with one breast larger than the other, many of our tops allow for this with a degree of stretch. This will help to ensure that all our Fantasie bikinis feel great. Clara Olivia offer a 14 day exchange/refund policy so that as long as the original items are intact and the items are unworn we will happily change the item or offer you a refund. If you're looking for stylish Fantasie Swimwear, Fantasie bikini or Fantasie tankini then look no further than Clara Olivia.


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